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Interview with a Sylvanian- Christabel Corntop

Eack week I will change the Sylvanian that is being interrogated. ( Please note that these are fictional)

This month we decided to interview................ Christabel Corntop! We will discuss her families recent move from the mole burrow to the Country Mansion. ( They recently one the Sylvanian Lottery)

Kaitlin Alden: So Christabel, how did it feel to win the Sylvanian Lottery?

Christabel Corntop: You have no idea how wonderful it was. A family of six in a tiny one-room burrow doesnt work out very well. We had to sleep outside every night, and if it rained we all slept smushed inside. There wasnt even room for a bed!

KA: Wow. That sounds awful. Is it wierd having an enormous house, that you can actually sleep in. And maids and butlers?

CC: Well, it does take some getting used to. I dont feel quite at home yet.

KA: I heard recently that you were having some post-traumatic problems since the loss of your son Herbert. Due to a hamster-related incident.

CC: Yes "*sniffles*. I loved Herbie so so so so much. Its been awful. We are finally getting over it.

KA: I am very glad to hear that Christabel. Say hello to the family for me. Untill next time, Im Kaitlin Alden. Signing off.

Join us next week for........ the return of Rose Timbertop. Whom will discuss her recent acting debut. Dont miss it!

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