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Kaitlin's SF Site
My Want List


  I need the following. If you have any of it, please email me at
The JP Fancy Shop.
The Home Interiors Shop.
The Evergreen babies.
The Honeybear family and babies.
The Macavity family.
The Macavity babies.
The Catwood babies.
The Woodland Orphans set.
The Snow-Warren family and babies.
The Dappledawn family and babies.
The Dandelion family.
The Truffle family.
Lucy Honeybear
Professor Bearbury.
Mr. Merryweather.
Nurse Nightengale.
The Dolls House Shop.
Charlotte Merryweather.

 If you have any SFs at all tell me on my guest book because chances are I may not mention them but I really, really want them ! : )

Oh yes, and if there is a Calico Critter family or accesory I can get anyone email me.