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 All about Me.

 Hi, my name is Kaitlin Elisabeth Alden. I have eight sisters, Brigitte(27), Megan(21) Sara(11), and Gabrielle(4) and Cameron (2), Annelise and Brooklyn, 6 months, and Noelle 5 days old. ( She and her twin Duncan were born 4 months early on September 1st) I have three brothers named Patrick(6), Joseph (13) and Duncan ( 5 days). My birthday is April 21st.

I was doing an exchange student program in Puerto Rico up untill a few days ago when my dad called and said he wanted me to come home because my mom had had the babies very early and there was a chance they could die. I was really worried and got a plane flight home later that day. My mom wasnt doing very well because she had twins at the end of last April and became pregnant almost immediately after that, and having two sets of twins in a row is really bad for you. Especially if you have had 6 kids before all of the twins. ( Brigitte and Megan are my half-sisters from my fathers previous marriage.) My mom has to stay in the hospital for over a month, and the babies will probably have to stay for a few months. They are luckily, doing pretty well though, and their chance of dying is alot slimmer than it was a few days ago. Its not a zero-chance yet though.