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Katy's Sylvanian Site
Make Stuff For Your Sylvanians

Here are a couple of things I like to make for my Sylvanians. If you have anymore ideas email me at

How to make dresses for kids and adult girl Sylvanians

Step 1. Cut out a semi circle of yellow felt, large enough or small enough to be a skirt for your Sylvanian girl. Wrap it around her to see if its the right size. Trim it if its too big. Sew the ends together.

Step 2. Cut out two squares of yellow felt that can fit in between the dolls waist and underneath her arms. Sew the bottoms of these to the skirt.

Step 3. Cut out two thin pieces of that will go over her shoulders. Sew the to either side of the squares.

Step 4. Cut out 5 little ovals out of white felt and an orange circle and arrange them in a flower shap on the front square of the dress. Glue or sew on.

P.S. This doesnt really work on the Puddleford or Waddleford family women. Good luck!

Sylvanian Lamps

Step 1. Take an large bead and set it down so the hole is up. Then take some white play-doh and make a sphere and set it on the hole. Then make a pretty shade out of a piece of paper. Glue three bits of wire to the bottom and stick the wire in the " light bulb" And oila! A lamp!

Sylvanian photographs ( for the doll)

Buy a roll of film and take pictures of your sylvanians doing daily activities or posing for a family portrait. Then take it to a place such as Sams club to get it developed. They will give you back a photo with mini copies of each picture. Cut each one out and frame them or put them in a box.

Tools and Materials
1. 6 inch square piece of yellow felt.
2. 2 inch square piece of white felt.
3. 1 inch square piece of felt.
4. Needle and thread.

In this area I'll include a list of all the material necessary to perform the tasks I'm describing on this page.