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Katy's Sylvanian Site
Interview With A Sylvanian!

Eack week I will change the Sylvanian that is being interrogated. ( Please note that these are fictional)

This Weeks Topic: Mr.Wildwood and his recent midlife crisis.

me: So Mr.Wildwood, you're considering a new career. May I inquire as to what that occupation might be.
MR: I would like a position as a teacher at the Sylvanian Academy of Elementary Arts. ( opening soon) I hear they are looking for new employees.
me: What inspired you to take the plunge, quit your job and find a new career?
MR: Well lately i have been feeling rather low. my self esteem has dropped considerabley and my family has been affected by these changes. I believe that in teaching I will be helping others and I will get the respect I deserve.
me: Thats wonderful Mr. Wildwood! Now have you considered speaking to a friend or counselor about these problems?
MR: Yes I have. I speak daily to my good friend Mr. Babblebrook and he has given me some sound advice. I feel Im back on the right track and my life should pick up as usual. Only i think I shall be much happier.
me: We're all glad to hear it! Thanks for cooperating with us. And to all you readers out there, watch for next weeks guest. Mrs. Pearl Babblebrook and her recent decision to open up her new cafe.

If you would like to request a Sylvanian to be interviewed please email me at