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Hello and welcome to my new and updated SF website. I really Hope you enjoy all the changes and new additions, especially the new slide show! Well isn't it just great that I have found this program, spent ages and ages creating and getting the blue checked backgrounds (it's true! I had to make it!) and now have this much better Sylvanian website! This site will now be updated much more regularly than before as it is so much easier and nicer to update! I really hope you all enjoy all the changes I have made!

Exclusive rights to JP Sylvanians in the UK?
SSK (Sylvanian Shop in London) are currently trying to gain a contract for them to win the exclusive rights for selling JP Sylvanians in the UK, thus no other UK shops would allowed to sell items from the Japanese range. There are obvious benefits to this, though other shop owners are not so keen on this.
SF Prices on the rise
Though the prices of new families has remained pretty static, the prices of the building s is definitely on the rise. The Country Mansion (when available from 1991 to about 1998) was usually priced at 60 ($100). The new Grand Mansion is impossible to find at less that 100 ($160), showing a massive increase in prices. The Post Office used to be available (from 1992 to about 1996) was available for 16 - now the new release version is available for no less than 22. It is strange that prices should go up so much in not really much time as interest rates are at an all time low here in the UK.
Is the quality of UK Sylvanians increasing?
Yes, is the short answer! Well actually, when the Bearburys are Compared with the Petites there is a significant difference in the figures quality. The Petites area of different shade of beige around their noses is just printed on top of the other fur... whereas the Bearburys actually have different coloured fur. The pictures below show first the Petites and the Bearburys second.

CC1849.gif (36377 bytes)

International Playthings Inc.


Flair Plc.

The quality of the CC clothes is also increasing as the Norwood mice's clothes are very similar to the JP version. Only the Mother's apron differs. The first picture show the JP version with the second.

Martika Wong,

CC1635.gif (36155 bytes)

International Playthings Inc.

Grey Norwoods?

Well... we've had the light brown Norwoods, we've had the Darker Norwoods, we have the JP and US versions of the newer beige Norwoods... but we haven't had grey Norwoods until...

I know it's very small, but these grey cartoon style Norwoods keep showing up on the Epoch website ( These could be a future release, and should they be released at all, I would estimate it would be around Christmas time.

Macavity vs. Forrester

Many UK Macavity boxes have been showing up with Forrester labels over the past few months. Flair say that this is a mistake made in China where the boxes are packaged, though it seems like that the Forresters are to be re-released soon... probably Christmas time. There are also two spellings of the name going around, 'Forrester', and 'Forestor', neither of which are actually in the dictionary though, 'Forester', is.

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This site was created in February 2002.

2002, by Benjamin Bridgman,