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Sylvanian Family Online

Welcome to Dannee's new Sylvanian Site!

I hope you like this new design I created for you! The background border things at the side is an original mouse drawn image by me (Benjamin) and I hope you like it! It is exactly the same as the curtains in my kitchen and the cream/yellow is the same as my kitchen walls!

Anyway - I hope you like it! Navigation in the frame on the left - you may of course add more buttons, change what they say, get rid of them etc. depending on what u want. I have put this up on tripod so you can see how good it'll look wit the tripod banner on the checked design. Well... at least the tripod banner is small - image it with the FortuneCity banner up there! ^_^

Of course... you may change the font, the title, the layout... even the colours if you want to! Please though, can we have a copyright thing for me at the bottom? Thanks!

Obviously, all my waffling is where u are meant to put text, pictures and all that stuff.

Have fun!

Oh... and what I will probably do so you don't end up with a banner in the side frame, is to host THAT FRAME ONLY on AOL.... if that's all right with u? So... it might actually be easier for me to make the navigation and u tell me what u want on it, the pages it should link onto etc.

Web design and checked borders copyright Benjamin J. Bridgman, 2002